The YAO Method

I am YAO. The founder of Dailmag. Dailymag is a platform of brands that are constructed and built on my method, the YAO method is a method of delivering products that are firstly safe, bring them efficiently and do it at the highest technology level.


Repel, Attract, Life

Dailymag was founded by Charles Yao in 2005. With years of experience in entrepreneurship and brand construction, Charles Yao leads Dailymag to build an ecosystem that covers several fields including import & export, permanent magnets. magnetic tools, sharps containers, linear actuators and Eco-products.

Now, Dailymag is a platform that has subsidiary corporation of Magiko Technology, Dailymag Magnetics, Dailymag Medical, Dailymag Motor, Dailymag Eco that are dedicated to global customers the comprehensive solutions.

For Dailymag, sustainability is a word that can be used to describe our business relationships, as we value our clients and consistently deliver value to them. To that end we are excited about the prospect of establishing and fostering a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with you and your company, and look forward to the beginning.